Sourcing Process

Crompton Estates follows a simple six step process to help you find properties for investment or development which fit your profile and objectives.

We would have an initial meeting (also available via video call, phone or email) to discuss your approach to risk, capital expenditure and time-scales.   This allows us to understand your objectives, in terms of short-term goals (for example renovating the property for a quick sale) or longer-term aims (for example holding the property for capital growth and rental yields for income).

Location plays a large role in the success of property investment or development.   There are many guides online to areas, local amenities, schools and other life essentials, so have a look around to find where you think will suit you best.

We scan the market to find the right location, identify suitable properties based on rental demand and social demography, advise on yield, potential capital growth, ability to let the property and ease of resale.

Opportunities to acquire investment or development properties can be found through a variety of sources, including:

  • Estate agents
  • Auctions
  • Off-market (private sales)
  • Other ads

Once the property has been found, if planning permission is required, for example developing the property or converting it into a large HMO, we can put you in contact with a solicitor who could draw up an option agreement for you.   These contracts often include stipulations that state that if the planning permission is not granted within a specified timeframe, the contract is no longer binding.

We take you to look at the pre-selected properties and advise on purchase tactics or negotiate for you.

We can help put you in contact with a broker to arrange the correct finance, arrange a solicitor or surveyor, liaise with your financial advisor and see the purchase through to completion.

We physically check all is well, advise on appropriate furnishing or décor to cater to potential tenants, and deal with utility transfers.   Find out more about our property management services.

With over ten years' experience, we will make the whole process an enjoyable one and avoid any potentially expensive pitfalls.   Also remember if you want advice on any further property investment or perhaps to recommend a friend or colleague who wants a general overview on market conditions, then we are only a phone call away.