Short Lets

Short let guide for tenants

A short let is a property that can be rented for a couple of weeks up to six months (subject to local authority restrictions).   They cover most types of property from a studio to a ten bedroom house, and all utility bills are included in the rent (excluding telecoms).

Short lets offer short-term accommodation which can be more cost-effective and flexible than staying in a hotel or serviced apartment, while offering a home-from-home experience with more space and privacy

Allowing flexibility to choose length of tenancy, location and type of accommodation, or extend your stay at your convenience, short-term rentals are the ideal solution for your stay in London, whether you’re here on business, planning a longer-term relocation, or just want to spend some time in the capital without the huge hotel bill.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a short let, such as:

  • You are relocating for a new job
  • You are temporarily relocating for business
  • You are a contract worker required to work in different locations
  • You are attending a training course, business or sporting event
  • You are visiting relatives for an extended period
  • You are visiting from overseas either on a short or medium-term visa
  • Your main primary property is having work done to it
  • You are awaiting completion on a house sale or purchase
  • You want to experience London without committing to a long-term rental

Benefits to short let tenants:

  • Better value with more privacy, space and amenities than a hotel
  • Flexibility in terms of location and length of tenancy (you have the option to extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis at your landlord's discretion)
  • Home comforts in a family-friendly environment where you can come and go as you please
  • Plenty of space and the ability to spread out and cater for guests
  • Privacy – the same level as being in your primary property, with your own front door
  • Simplicity of minimal paperwork required, and a ready-furnished property
  • Broadband, TV and utility bills are usually included in the rental
  • Option to extend your tenancy – ideal if you’re here on business or buying a home here

All our short let properties are furnished to a high standard with appliances and household items such as towels, linen, crockery and electrical goods are supplied. Contact us for more information.