Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to sell or let your property, you will naturally have a lot of questions.   Our staff are happy to advise you through the process but in the meantime, why not take a look at our frequently asked questions?

First impressions count and making your property look its best could be the difference between selling your property and losing a potential buyer.   It is important to:

  • Think like a buyer: cast a critical eye over your property and identify areas that require improvement.
  • Reduce clutter and decorate neutrally: keep rooms clean and tidy, this will help a buyer to fully visualise the space.
  • Keep it light: clean the windows and open all the curtains to encourage natural light into your property.
  • Consider the exterior: buyers will often walk or drive past first, so fresh paintwork and well cared for outside spaces make a great first impression.

It is not mandatory, but a surprising number of buyer enquiries come from people who have seen a ‘for sale’ sign on a property, so it can definitely help to raise the profile of your property.   We will check to ensure that we are permitted to display a board in your grounds or on your building.

If you’re selling through an estate agent, they will organise all viewings on your behalf.   This can be very beneficial as they deal with any difficult questions, screen potential time wasters and are well placed to advise interested viewers (and you) on what happens next.

An open day is when a property is marketed through viewings and buyers are invited to view the home in one day rather than spread out over a few weeks.

It usually allows you to sell your property more quickly with interested buyers submitting their offers via sealed bid and the best offer wins.

A sealed bid is a method often used by people wishing to sell a property where high levels of interest are either anticipated or already being achieved to find buyers who are committed and willing to exchange quickly at the best price.

On average it takes around 3 months from putting the property on the market through to completion, however dependent on the status of the seller and buyer the timescales may vary.

Making sure that your property is well presented visually attracts more interest which will lead to offers.

Usually four weeks, but this can be negotiated with the buyer’s solicitors.

Yes. This is a legal obligation that has been in place since January 2013.   It must be made available within 7 days of putting the property on the market.   If you are selling your property through an estate agent then they will display the EPC rating in all marketing material.

Your Title Deeds are proof of ownership of your property.   They will be held by your bank or building society if you have a mortgage and your solicitor will obtain the deeds and let the buyer's solicitor have a copy.

It is not essential to redecorate your property before placing it on the market.   However, if an area is in need of a lick of paint this will appeal to potential buyers.   More tips and guidance on presenting your property.

Where possible, your estate agent will accompany all viewings during their opening hours.   However, in some circumstances they may ask you to conduct the occasional viewing.

It is worth noting that buyers often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

This depends on the conditions of the offer and what your preferences are.

No, the buyer is responsible for paying Stamp Duty.

On the completion date, which is mutually agreed by you and the buyer.