Legal Services

One of the biggest frustrations about buying or selling a property can be the lack of communication or delay which results after an offer has been accepted.   We realise that for most people moving house is not something you do every day and so choosing the right solicitor can be daunting.   The solicitors we recommend offer a competitive price, and more importantly offer our clients the very highest quality service.

Crompton Estates has a panel of firms of partner solicitors.   We will talk you through the legal process at any time – you don’t need to wait until a buyer has been found.   We’ll explain what happens from acceptance of an offer to completion.   We believe in communication and honesty because it means our customers understand each step in the process.

The attractions of using one firm to both sell your property and use its own recommended legal services are obvious.   When you accept an offer, you will already have instructed us, we will already have written to your mortgage company and we will know what the details of your sale are.

Added to that, you will only need to deal with one firm for updates on progress.   You won’t find the estate agents blaming the solicitors or the solicitors blaming the estate agents and neither knowing what’s happening.   We’ll be able to help you from the day your property goes to market until the day the sale completes.

In other words, we’ll cut out some of the usual delays.   How many estate agents can do that for you?